Week 3 Reflection

This week’s assignment with Omeka presented a more intricate task compared to last week, yet thankfully it did not involve any additional installations. For my Omeka contribution, I chose to showcase my culinary passion through media content centered around Italian pasta dishes. I firmly believe cooking is an undervalued skill that offers substantial benefits, especially to demographics like students.

The inclusion of metadata has greatly improved the user experience and accessibility of my Omeka post, which is rich in multimedia elements such as videos, sound files, and photos. A key feature I explored was the tagging functionality. Tags are instrumental in organizing content and simplifying navigation, enabling visitors to easily locate related material. For instance, someone looking for pasta recipes can conveniently use the “pasta” tag to find all pertinent posts and media.

Furthermore, tags can enhance the personalization of content browsing. They allow users with specific interests, such as those searching for “vegetarian pasta recipes,” to quickly find relevant content. My initial tagging approach was somewhat haphazard, but for a public audience, I would certainly refine the tags to attract and cater to a targeted demographic.

One challenge I faced involved the transmission of large video files. Due to the substantial size of iPhone camera videos, transferring and downloading them to my laptop was somewhat tedious. A crucial reminder for anyone working with Omeka is to select the “make public” option during the upload process. I overlooked this in the second week, resulting in my images being inaccessible to others. I made sure to click it this time! Overall, though, this week’s Omeka task was a valuable and relatively smooth experience.

Sound 1: https://subdomain.cyelliott-digital-humanities-hotlink.com/mydir/items/show/2

Sound 2: https://subdomain.cyelliott-digital-humanities-hotlink.com/mydir/items/show/3

Video 1: https://subdomain.cyelliott-digital-humanities-hotlink.com/mydir/items/show/4

Video 2: https://subdomain.cyelliott-digital-humanities-hotlink.com/mydir/items/show/5

Photo: https://subdomain.cyelliott-digital-humanities-hotlink.com/mydir/items/show/6


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